Our team has authored a number of peer-reviewed publications:

Niessen, R. A. H., Narayanswamy, R., & Sin Y. C. K. (2024). Biodiversity Record: First breeding record of mangrove whistler on Singapore Island in over 70 years. Nature in Singapore, 17, e2024060. Link

Narayanswamy, R. & Sin, Y. C. K. (2023). Singapore’s first wild White-crowned Hornbill, assessments by the Singapore Bird Records Committee. Hornbill Natural History and Conservation, 4, 29–33. Link

Sin, Y. C. K., Narayanswamy, R., Ng, D., Chia, S., Ng, E., & Kennewell, M. (2022). Beyond the pandemic: gems from Singapore in 2020–2021. BirdingASIA, 37, 101–108. Link

Sin, Y. C. K., Yap, F., Kennewell, M., & White, R. (2021). The first records of Common Swift Apus apus in Singapore, with notes on their identification. BirdingASIA, 35, 114–116. Link

Sin, Y. C. K., Ng, D., & Kennewell, M. (2020). An unprecedented influx of vagrants into Malaysia and Singapore during the 2019–2020 winter period. BirdingASIA, 33, 142–147. Link

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