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Of Names and Folklore: Green Market 2023

Birds, with their vibrant feathers, intriguing behaviour, and astounding vocalisations. What’s there not to love?

Humans have always been fascinated by birds, and in exploring their world, have given them names and stories. Have you ever wondered what the bird names mean? Are you curious about the various traditional folklores that the species have in different cultures? If yes, you’ve just opened the perfect blog post!

The recent Green Market was organised by the National Library Board over the weekend of 10-11 June 2023 at the Punggol Regional Library. At the event, we had the opportunity to talk about these very topics. Slightly less “sciencey” compared to our usual stuff, but light-hearted content that we also enjoy sharing!

At the Green Market we also held a walk and a booth where we shared numerous topics relating to our local birds, their ecology, and the threats they face.

A huge thank you to NLB for inviting us and to all of you who dropped by our event! Also a huge shoutout to wonderwildsg for sharing your amazing stickers with us!

Oh and most importantly, for those of you who were unable to tune in to our talk, not to worry. You can watch it below!

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